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Beurer As 81 Ladies Sports Wristband Bluetooth Kul.

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Beurer 81 Activity Sensor BT Body Shape AS

Innovative network between free bodyshape App and smartphone and activity sensor

Physical Activity and Sleep Quality Continuous recording - transfer via Bluetooth Smart technology

Activity Tracking: steps, distance, number of calories calculation, activity time and
achievement of daily movement goal

Sleep Tracking: Records on sleep-movement activity and sleep duration

Alarm - with vibrator (but your partner) alerts you whenever you want ..

BodyShap Beurer AS 81 vibrator awakening

Keeps your Beurer information such as steps, distance covered, calories burned, activity time and daily exercise goal records and transfers data with bluetooth technology. In addition, the small fitness tracker on its OLED XL display shows the duration and battery level and the use of the vibrator is possible.

Data logging, Bluetooth activity sensor, stored up to 30 days / up to seven nights.

Certificate of Appreciation: IPX4 certification,

The device is water resistant.

Activity sensor Beurer AS 81 Body Shape

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