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Kiwi Kk-3323 Beige Color Glass Water Kettle Heater

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Fast Heat Up Feature
The kettle, which works with 2400 W power, allows your water to boil quickly. You can save time and energy without having to wait to use hot water.

Large Water Tank
The kettle, which has a volume of 1.8 liters, provides the opportunity to heat almost 2 liters of water at once thanks to its large inner chamber. So you can get your work done quickly and you don't need to heat the water again and again.

Stainless Steel Hopper
Thanks to the kettle, which has a stainless steel inner chamber, you have the opportunity to use it in a healthy way. The stainless steel base, which extends the service life, also extends the life of the heater's resistance.

Anti-Limescale Technology
The most difficult part of using glass bowl water heaters is seeing directly inside. Kettles generally accumulate limescale and after a while the interior of the kettle becomes completely calcified. With the kettle produced with anti-calc technology, your machine will become calcified later than others.

Non-water feature
When the water heaters are run empty, the heater resistances will be damaged and the machine may not work again. The kettle, which has the feature of not working without water, both prevents minor household accidents and prolongs the life of the water heater.

Indicator Lamp
You can easily tell whether the kettle, which has a light indicator lamp, is on. With this ease of use provided by the kettle, you will not have any safety problems.

Technical Specifications
Resistance Type: Hidden
Prevention of Running Without Water: Yes
Weight: 1350 G
Water Level Indicator: Yes
Auto Power Off: Yes



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