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Oyunzu Clown 100 Piece Decoration Puzzle

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Oyunzu Clown 100 Piece Decoration Puzzle

Stick It To The Paste Wall. the first and only in Turkey puzzle frame, craft rope, you have completed your yapbozu with puzzle pieces and special glue can begin to show immediately on your wall. Add a new atmosphere to your home while enriching your hobbies with 100 pieces of decorative puzzles for adults, teenagers and children. Puzzle Features • It stimulates your brain with specially designed illustrations. • Made from high quality recycled paper with uniquely precise cut shapes. • Stunning images and richly saturated colors add a beautiful look to your home or workplace from any angle. • Precision clamping parts provide a finished product with a smooth, flat surface. • The jigsaw pieces are produced with low migration ink and do not contain any harmful substances. • Contains small parts, which can be swallowed or traveled to the respiratory tract. • Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Puzzle Learning • Hand-eye coordination • Fine motor skills • Problem solving • Shape recognition

Puzzle Features • Frame and Table Raw Material: Made of 1st class quality cardboard. • Frame and Table Thickness: 2,4 mm • Puzzle Piece Raw Material: Made of 1st class quality cardboard. • Puzzle Piece Thickness: 1,2 mm • 35 ml liquid puzzle adhesive • 40 cm kraft rope • Completed version is 28 * 38 cm.

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