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Captainalbatross Paris Cafe 1000 Piece Puzzle

Product Code: 1353596
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Tags: Captainalbatross, Paris, Cafe, 1000, Piece, Puzzle

Captainalbatross Paris Cafe 1000 Piece Puzzle

Brand: Captainalbatross

Product code: CA2114

Barcode no: 3233714142835

Number of pieces: 1000 pieces puzzle

Product size: 68x 48 cm

Product box size: 26 x 19 x 5.5 cm

· Product weight: 698 gr.

Age group: 3 years old and above puzzle

Material: Puzzle board thickness is 1.8 mm, box cardboard thickness is 1.5 mm and it is in accordance with European standards.

Printing: H-UV high quality printing,

Lost parts support: Yes

· Production place: Turkey

Design: UK

· Description: There is Puzzle picture brochure in the box. Puzzle is presented in a box with puzzle pieces in a paper bag, and environmental awareness is emphasized.

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