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Hayfene Basil 20 Gr

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Hayfene Basil 20 gr

Generally speaking, it has a sweet, trace amount of mint and pepper tones. Basil grows best as a garden plant in warm and sunny conditions. It can be placed in a pot or can be easily grown as a window plant if it is a place that receives constant sunlight. It is not resistant to cold. For this reason, it is planted in spring and early summer after the frost season. The essential oil it contains gives basil its unique flavor. The dried leaves can be used for tea, spice, oil extraction or skin applications. As a seasoning, its traditional use is in pasta and pasta sauces. It is one of the main ingredients of pesto sauce prepared with hard cheddar, pine nuts and olive oil. It is generally added after or close to cooking, as the high heat may spoil its aroma. In addition to culinary use, it is also used to flavor perfumes, soaps, shampoos and other body care products.

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