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Chili Piri - Fermanted Hot Sauce No: 1

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Chili Piri - Fermanted Hot Sauce No: 1


We are proud to share with you these handmade sauces that are fermented in special barrels and aged to a complex taste and depth!

This recipe, which took months to develop and inspired by the ocean, contains many more natural ingredients such as Cayenne pepper and rock salt. It does not contain any additives like all our other sauces. It fits perfectly with all dishes that go well with spicy, especially meat, chicken and pizza. It is a sauce specially produced for real hot sauce lovers who are looking for an alternative to industrial sauces in terms of taste and quality.

Ingredients: Chili pepper, vinegar (sulfur dioxide), drinking water, capia pepper, linseed, onion, garlic, rock salt

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