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Fx Food Plenty Sebzelim Çorba 100 Gr

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Fx Food Plenty of Vegetables Soup 100 Gr

Content: Spinach, Broccoli, Carrot, Tomato, Capia Pepper, Red Lentil, Leek,

Production Phase:

The vegetables that we have our farmers produce on a contractual basis are carefully selected and after the necessary quality control stages, the drying process is carried out in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex - Food Safety rules.

After this process, dry vegetables with reduced humidity are shredded in the mill in accordance with hygiene rules.

The dried vegetables obtained are mixed with legumes according to their proportions and packaged in specially produced doypack packages with moisture barriers to protect the freshness and hygiene of the food.

Packaged products are offered for sale after passing the final control according to the Fx Food Quality Control Plan.
How to Make Plenty of Vegetable Baby Soup:

Roast it in oil (sunflower, olive oil) for 1 minute, depending on the portion you want. Add water and cook according to the consistency you want.

Pass it through the blender and obtain the appropriate particle consistency for your baby.

Origin: Turkey

We recommend that you store it in a cold environment and away from sunlight.

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