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The Lifeco Organic Chili Pepper Coconut Chips 40 Gr

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The LifeCo Organic Hot Pepper Coconut Chips 40 Gr

Does not contain gluten.

Ingredients: 95% Organic Coconut Fruit, 2.5% Organic Chili Pepper, 1.5% Sea Water, 1% Coconut Vinegar.

Keep away from heat, moisture, odor and direct sunlight.

You can consume coconut chips alone in your snacks or use them as a garnish in your meals.

Energy and Nutrition Facts - 100 Gr

Energy: 715kcal

Fat: 67g

Saturated Fat: 64g

Carbohydrate: 19g

Sugars: 5g

Fiber: 14g

Protein: 9g

Salt: 0.035g

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