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Hayfene Cashew Spice 40Gr

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Hayfene Cashew Spice 40Gr

Cashew spice is obtained by mixing spices such as ground pepper, black pepper, garlic, onion powder, powdered sweet pepper in special proportions. Contrary to popular belief, it originated not in the USA, but in the north of Africa. Today, it is widely used in Louisiana (USA), Cajun cuisine, Far East cuisine and South America. It is the cajun spice that gives the chicken dish known as "Cajun Chicken" its wonderful taste. In addition to chicken, it is also used in meat dishes and seafood, especially shrimp, vegetables and boiled eggs. It has started to enter Turkish cuisine by using it with chicken and potatoes. It is suitable for adding flavor to French fries.

Usage recommendation

Cover the boneless chicken pieces with the egg before cooking, mix the Hayfene cashew spice and breadcrumbs in a ratio of one to one, dip the egged chicken pieces into the mortar and fry.

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