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The Lifeco Powdered Almond Flour 300 Gr

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The Lifeco Powdered Almond Flour 300 Gr

When almond flour is thought, it has more uses. Flour is also valuable because of the special aroma and beautiful flavor of almonds. Almond flour can be used as a stand-alone flour in many pastries and may not need to be mixed with other flours.

-You can prepare muffins.
You can make cakes.
-You can make cookies.
You can make pancakes.
You can make crackers.
You can donut.
-You can Helva.
-You can make waffles.
Even noodles are made from almond flour and topica starch (gluten-free).
It is used as dough in some pizza recipes.
There are recipes where bread is mixed with coconut flour.
You can make pancakes.

In the areas of use mentioned above, almost all of the recipes are made with only almond flour. In other words, it is made without mixing white flour.

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