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Dkdent Kids Toothpaste 50 Ml (Toothbrush Gift)

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Dkdent Kids Toothpaste 50 Ml (With Toothbrush Gift)

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


The common feature of our DK DENT TOOTH PASTE products is that they do not contain fluoride, sles, gluten and artificial sweeteners. Since its content is quite natural, it is also suitable for use by children aged 3 years and above. It will not cause harm when swallowed.

1-It contains micronized thin and sterile natural white clay.

2-It helps prevent gum bleeding thanks to special herbal actives (sage, myrrh, ratanya, grapefruit, green tea, chamomile, grape seed oil) in its content.

3-When used regularly, it provides the natural whiteness of the teeth. It provides natural whiteness and moisture in your teeth thanks to the substances in its content that do not damage the tooth enamel. It whitens your enamel without abrasion.

4-Clay and Calcium mineral additives help strengthen tooth enamel.

5-It provides oral hygiene and cleaning by removing the stains caused by cigarette, tea, coffee and food residues, and refreshes the breath. 

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