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Sjcam C100 Wi-Fi Action Camera Blue

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Tags: Sjcam, C100, Wi-Fi, Action, Camera, Blue

Sjcam C100 Wi-Fi Action Camera Blue

General Description
Model C100
Release date    -
Color Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red, Gold, Green, Pink
Photo Resolutions "15M 5200X2928", "12M 4640X2608", "10M 4320X2432",
"8M 3840X2160", "5M 3200X1808", "3M 2560X1440", "1M 1440X816"
Video Resolutions Normal mode and Time-lapse video and Car mode
"1920X1080 30FPS" (Device) / "640X360 30FPS" (APP Preview) "1280X720 60FPS" (Device) / "640X360 30FPS" (APP Preview) "1280X720 30FPS" (Device) / "640X360 30FPS" (APP Preview) "640X480 30FPS "(Device) /" 640X360 30FPS "(APP Preview)
Vertical Screen Mode:
"800X1440 30FPS" (Device) / "368X640 30FPS" (APP Preview) "368X640 30FPS" (Device) / "368X640 30FPS" (APP Preview)
Application preview bitrate rate "640X360 30FPS" 150 KB / s "368 X 640 30FPS" 150 KB / s
Video Mode Normal mode, interval recording, car mode, Vertical Screen Mode
Video Format MP4
Photo Format JPG
Exposure Mode Auto / Manual
Battery Life (Approx.) 130 minutes with Wifi @ 1080P
About 200 minutes wifi off at 1080P
Dimensions (L * W * H) 60 X 26 X 20mm
Video Bitrate Rate "1920X1080 30FPS" 1024KB / sec "1280X720 60FPS" 850KB / sec "1280X720 30FPS" 450 KB / sec "640X480 30FPS" 150 KB / sec
"800X1440 30FPS" 550KB / sec "368X640 30FPS" 150KB / sec
White Balance Auto / Manual
USB Micro-USB port
Storage External Memory Card
Charging Method Via USB
Charging Time About 100 minutes
Video Duration 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes
Photo Modes Normal mode, interval shooting, continuous shooting mode
Weight About 40g

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