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3110A Professional Youtuber Camera Holder Tripod Mount

Product Code: 1353812
  • $13.69

Tags: 3110A, Professional, Youtuber, Camera, Holder, Tripod, Mount

3110A Professional Youtuber Camera Holder Tripod Mount

3110A Professional Youtuber Camera Phone Holder Tripod Mount

Product features:

Light and easy portability.

3 Wide-angle legs.

Quick lever lock.

Cane tips made with plastic material.

Aluminum alloy material.

1020 mm Length.

With its 420 grams weight, you can easily carry it in your hand, bag or with you.

350mm long when closed.

In order to adjust the length, you can extend the clips by opening the clips in the lower part of the leg section, and you can lock the clip part of the desired length by closing it.

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