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Xiaomi Interface Eyelash Curler Sculpting Tongs Red (Distributor Guaranteed)

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Xiaomi Interface Eyelash Curler Sculpting Tongs Red (Distributor Guaranteed)

Xiaomi InFace Eyelash Curler Sculpting Tongs Red (Distributor Guaranteed)

The InFace Eyelash Curler keeps your lashes curled for a long time. Curls your eyelashes in 1 minute with 3-step temperature control. It stops working at the end of 10 minutes and does not cause any negativity in terms of both safety and battery. It goes up to 60, 85 and 95 degrees respectively in low, medium and high mode, adapting to different eyelash types and is not difficult. Inface Eyelash Table does not burn and damage your eyelashes with its specially designed tip. Curl lasts longer when used with mascara. You can manage and view many situations from the screen on the device. With its strong and high quality structure, it saves time by warming up quickly.

Anti-burning brush and ceramic heating rod
Xiaomi InFace Eyelash has an anti-burn brush as well as a ceramic stick. Second, while distributing the heat evenly and steadily over the area, the brush ensures that the lashes are in direct contact with the heating rod without touching your eyes or eyelids.

For example, level L (low) is recommended for fine and sensitive lashes, level M (medium) is suitable for normal lashes, level H (high) is ideal for thick or false lashes.

Specifications Xiaomi InFace Eyelash Curler Silver:
Brand: Xiaomi inFace
Product: Eyelash curler, Curling iron
Name: Eyelash Curler
Model: ZH-02D
Temperature levels
L level (low): 60 C
M level (medium): 85 C
H level (high): 95 C
Input voltage: 5V
Input power: 2W
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 3.5W
Charging type: USB Type C
Dimensions: 140 x 25.3 x 22.3mm

Contents of the box: Eyelash curler red, Type-c cable, user manual, cleaning brush

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