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The Lifeco Organic Cocoa Particles 100 Gr

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The Lifeco Organic Cocoa Particles 100 Gr

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The LifeCo Organic Cocoa Nibs / The LifeCo Organic Cocoa Nibs

The LifeCo Organic Cocoa Particles Criollo variety is derived from cocoa. Its origin is Central America and it is the highest quality cocoa variety with its rich cocoa butter and aroma in its fruit and its low acidity, which is not bitter. Criollo cocoa variety is used in the world's best chocolates with its rare cultivation and complex flavor.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Cocoa Particles

Net amount: 100gr.

Storage Conditions: Keep away from heat, moisture, odor and direct sunlight.

Suggestion for use: You can enrich the taste by adding 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa particles to your meals that you will prepare in the form of smoothies, milkshakes and cakes, muffins and cakes.

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