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The Lifeco Anti-Cellulite Oil 100 Ml

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The Lifeco Anti-Cellulite Oil 100 Ml

Apply to the special blend of herbal oils for cellulite reduction!

The LifeCo Anti-Cellulite Oil helps to smooth your skin, and supports the permanent resolution of the cellulite problem. Thanks to the Ozone oil contained in it, the absorption rate is 80% higher than pure oil. Thanks to the fat-breaking feature of the Mexican red pepper extract, it supports you to have a finer appearance. Grape seed oil has a circulation-enhancing and tightening effect. Juniper oil helps to dissolve edema in your body while accelerating your circulation. Apricot seed oil has an anti-aging effect and also increases the moisture of the area where it is applied.

Usage: Apply one or two drops to your index finger until absorbed in the morning and evening, by massaging the cellulite area with soft and circular movements from the bottom to the top to relax the blood circulation. After completing the application, soap your hands and rinse with plenty of water.
Important Notice: If you have open wounds on your hand, it is recommended to use with gloves. Itching and redness can be seen on sensitive and allergic skins.

Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients: Olive oil (Olivae oleum), Olive oil with ozone (Olivae oleum), Red pepper (Extract) (Capsium Annuum), Grape seed oil (Oleum VitisVinifera L.), Juniper oil (Oleum Juniperus Communis), Apricot seed oil (Oleum Prunus armeniaca ).

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