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The Lifeco Kudret Pomegranate Extract 250 Ml

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The Lifeco Kudret Pomegranate Extract 250 Ml

Ingredients (for 10 grams): Water 4.2 g, Agave 2.4 g, Glycerol E422 (thickener) 2.4 g, Kudret Pomegranate 1 g, Potasum Sorbate E202 (preservative) 0.0015 mg.

Usage Information: For adults, it is recommended to use one teaspoon (10 g) once a day on an empty stomach and then take a glass (200 ml) of warm water.

Storage Conditions: Keep in a cool place with its mouth closed, protected from sunlight. Keep in the refrigerator after opening.

Origin: Turkey

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