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Beeo Bee'o Propolis-Royal Jelly-Raw Honey (For Children) 190 Gr.

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Beeo Bee'o Propolis-Royal Jelly-Raw Honey (For Children) 190 Gr.

Propolis, consisting of the words "Pro (Front) + Polis (protecting)", is the pre-cleaner of the hive, the habitat of bees. Bees cover their honeycomb eyes with propolis, then put their honey, offspring, and food on it. Thus, the products produced by the bee are stored in the hive without spoiling. It is a natural bee product consisting of antioxidant substances collected from the leaves, stems and buds of plants.

BEE'O Anatolian propolis is processed by an expert team with appropriate infrastructure, knowledge and technical equipment; The nutrients contained in propolis are preserved and delivered to you. The propolis extraction method used in our products was developed by expert food engineers in ITU ARI Teknokent through R&D studies and was awarded the 2016 Innovation Award by TÜBİTAK, TTGV and TÜSİAD. The maximum amount of nutrients contained in propolis can be obtained and wax, etc. With this method in which impurities are removed, the product is produced in a standard quality.

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