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Beeo Propolis Office Package

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Beeo Propolis Office Package

A kit made of BEE'O Propolis that will add value to your office nutrition and offer you peace of mind: BEE'O Office Kit! It has everything you might need during the day at the office!

- BEE'O Water-Soluble Propolis Drops: You can consume our water-soluble propolis drip, which we prepare with our patented and award-winning extraction method, into your cold or warm drinks, accompanied by our expert food engineers at Istanbul Technical University.

- BEE'O On The Go: This wonderful product, formulated with propolis, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and raw honey, is with you anytime, anywhere with its disposable and practical packaging!

- BEE'O Apicare Cologne with Propolis: Our cologne containing pure Anatolian propolis offers peace of mind without harming your skin with its antibacterial effect of 99.9% and glycerin content.

- BEE'O Power Pomegranate Red Ginseng and Propolis Shot: This product is indispensable for those who do not stop!

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