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Beeo 20 Ml Propolis Drop 20

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Raw Propolis is a completely natural bee product consisting of phenolic and flavonoid substances that bees collect from the leaves, stems and buds of plants. Literally, raw propolis, consisting of the words Pro (Front) + Polis (protecting), is the pre-cleaner of the living spaces of bees. Bees cover their honeycomb eyes with raw propolis, then put their honey, offspring, and food on it. Thus, the products produced by the bee are stored here without spoiling.

The raw form of propolis is not digestible in our body. When we directly consume propolis in its raw form, the rate of digestion in our body is only 2%. For this reason, raw propolis must be extracted, in other words, it must be extracted. This process requires expertise and should be done under the control of food engineers.

With the TÜBİTAK award-winning processing method developed by BEE'O experts, the polyphenols, phenolics and flavonoids contained in the raw Anatolian propolis are preserved and transformed into a water-soluble form. The propolis extraction method used in our products was developed by expert food engineers in ITU ARI Teknokent through R & D studies and was deemed worthy of TÜBİTAK, TTGV and TÜSİAD 2016 Technology Awards. The nutrients contained in Raw Anatolian Propolis can be obtained in the maximum way and beeswax, etc. With this method in which impurities are removed, the product is produced in a standard quality. You can use Bee'o Propolis Drops in honey, molasses, yogurt, etc. You can consume it by dropping it on warm and cold solid foods.

It does not contain additives, preservatives, dyestuffs, gluten, glycol, GMO, sugar. It is produced using organic certified propolis, based on the principles of good beekeeping practices, with the contracted beekeeping model. The formulas of all our products are developed in our R&D center, they are all 100% natural and patented, and are also packed in our facilities, all of which have GMP, ISO 9000, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, ISO 14001 safe production certifications.

Active Ingredient: Contains 20% pure Anatolian propolis. Anatolian Propolis amount is standardized.

This product is prepared by extracting raw Anatolian propolis, using water and ethanol (Food grade) solution, with the patented technology we have developed at Istanbul Technical University Arı Teknokent.

Consumption Suggestion: It is recommended to consume 10-40 drops per day for children and 20-80 drops per day for adults aged 11 and over with foods such as honey, molasses, yogurt and bread.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life: Store the product in a dry environment at room temperature (approximately 22 ° C), protect from higher temperatures. Shelf life is 36 months.

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