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Beeo 300Gr Plateau Flower Honey (Bitlis)

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Beeo 300Gr Plateau Flower Honey (Bitlis)

With its high mountains and wide plateaus, it is a familiar city in the Eastern Anatolia Region and its little-known flavor. Bitlis, with five minarets resembling a closed jewel box, contains dozens of ores. The most important of these ores is the highland flower honey, which is obtained from the flowers that bloom in the highlands that reach the peaks.

Highland flower honey, which bees obtain from hundreds of varieties of flower nectars that grow naturally in high plateaus and enrich their content by mixing them with enzymes, is one of the most delicious flavors. The BEE'O Yayla Flower Honey, obtained in the untouched geography of Bitlis, brings together naturalness and purity in its content.

Halal certified BEE'O Yayla Flower Honey, obtained from the impressive geography of Bitlis, comes to your table in its purest form, pasteurized and unfiltered, preserving its nutritional values. Natural and pure ...

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