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Tellioğlu Cake Cookie Flour 1Kg

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Tellioğlu Cake Cookie Flour 1Kg

Tellioğlu Cake Cookie Flour 1kg

Delicious cake and cookie flour that you can use only for your cakes and cookies. Now your cakes will be puff puff and more nutritious

So what's the difference between regular flour and cake flour? The biggest difference is in protein ratios, which is actually the part that turns into gluten. While the protein ratio is 8% in cake flour, it is 10-11% in all-purpose flour. When making a cake, it is desirable to have a low protein ratio because we need very little gluten to make the cake puff. Therefore, the cakes made with cake flour will be more moist and puff puff.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, antioxidant


For 60g

Energy (Kj / kcal) 350 / 1470kcal

Fat 11g

Saturated Fat 0.3


Sugars 3 g

Salt 0.12 g

Protein 9

.5 g

Carbohydrate 68.2

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