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Normal Ramadan Package

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Normal Ramadan Package


1-Agricultural Credit Coop. Bean 1 Kg 1 Piece

2-Agricultural Credit Coop. Red Lentil 1 Kğ 1 Piece

3-Agricultural Credit Coop. Chickpea 1 Kg 1 Piece

4-Agricultural Credit Coop. Bulgur 1 Kg 1 Piece

5-Agricultural Credit Coop. Osmancık Brass 1 Kğ 1 Piece

6-Agricultural Credit Coop. Filiz Tea 1000 Gr 1 Piece

7-Agricultural Credit Coop. Gemlik Black Olive 1 Kğ 1 Piece

8-Agricultural Credit Coop. Sunflower Oil Pet Bottle 1 Lt 1 Piece

9-Agricultural Credit Coop. Birlik Granulated Sugar 1 Kğ 1 Piece

10-Agricultural Credit Coop. Tomato Paste 830 Gr 1 Piece

11-Agricultural Credit Coop. Pasta 500 Gr 2 Pieces

12-Agricultural Credit Coop. Flour 1 Kg 1 Piece

13-Agricultural Credit Coop. Halva 500 Gr 1 Piece

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