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Hecha Cast Iron Sauce Pot Red

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  • $59.30

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Hecha's healthy, durable and highly demanded cast iron sauce pots will be indispensable in your kitchen with their color options and designs. Hecha wants to offer the best product range in terms of presentation as well as cooking; It brings you the idea of ​​the cast sauce saucepan, which guarantees the best taste and elegance and keeps your meals warm on your table. From the stove to the oven, from the oven to your table, at any time; It accompanies your table with its stylish appearance without the need for another presentation plate.


Enameled Weight: 1.7 kg

Volume: 1,3 Lt.

Cooking Capacity: 1 Lt.

Diameter: 16 cm

Depth: 7 cm

Length including handles: 33 cm


Its 100% cast iron structure captures the heat and ensures that your meals remain healthy and fresh for a long time.

It is a durable enamel coating.

It is 80% handmade.

In a short time, it reaches high temperatures, spreads the heat evenly throughout the field and keeps it for a long time.

It contributes to energy saving and can be recycled because it is produced from environmentally friendly cast iron.


The recipes you can make with this product:

Chestnut Puree Lamb Chops

Homemade baby food with avocado and oats

Yoghurt soup for supplementary food

Cleaning: Although it is compatible with the dishwasher, it is recommended to wash the product by hand. It will be sufficient to wash in warm water with dishwashing detergent and a sponge.

Cooker compatibility: Suitable for use with induction, gas, electric, ceramic, radion and grill cookers. It can easily enter the oven.

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