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Rosehip Extract Cold Press 1 Kg

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Rosehip Extract Cold Press 1 Kg

Prevents Cancer and Chronic Diseases: The carotenoids, flavonoids and polyphenols in rosehip are very powerful antioxidants that expel or neutralize free radicals in the body. Free radicals are by-products of cell metabolism and can damage healthy cells by turning them into cancerous cells. Free radicals or the absence of antioxidants can turn into a number of serious ailments such as cancer, heart disease and premature aging. The antioxidant presence in rose hips is adept at protecting the healthy body from all angles.
Lowers Cholesterol: Some organic and antioxidant components found in rosehip reduce the cholesterol level in the body, thereby reducing the tension in the cardiovascular system and lowering the risk of stroke or heart attack.
Immune System: Rosehip has an impressive amount of vitamin C, which is the best way to boost the immune system. Vitamin C activates white blood cells and is also important in preventing asthma and overall health of the respiratory system.
Diabetes: Rosehip appears to regulate the blood sugar level of the body. It balances insulin and glucose in the body and prevents blockages in blood sugar that cause death.
Diuretic Effect and Digestion: Various acids found in rosehip besides Pectin are known as diuretics. As a diuretic, rosehip helps remove toxins from the body as well as excess salt, liquid and even oils. Rosehip helps avoid bad health problems by triggering bowel movement. Rosehip is generally a poisonous in all aspects.
Skin Care: There are many products and methods to tighten and revitalize the skin. However, rosehip is one of the best methods. The astringent quality found in rose hips provides skin elasticity, thus preventing wrinkles and easily heals cracks, burns and wounds.

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