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Chronela Milk Hazelnut Cream 50 Hazelnuts (320Gr X 2)

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Chronela Milk Hazelnut Cream 50 Hazelnuts (320Gr X 2)

Chronuts products are 100% natural.
It is produced by using 13-15mm first class, oily snack hazelnuts.
Does not contain palm oil
It does not contain trans fat.
It does not contain saturated fat.
There is no oil additive in our products. It is the hazelnut's own natural oil.
It does not contain lecithin.
No glucose syrup or sweetener is used.
It is produced with natural sugar beet.
No artificial sweeteners are used. It gets its taste from real hazelnuts.
It does not contain any preservatives, derivatives or additives.
It does not contain any coloring or thickening substance.

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