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Arnica Gh21561 Panna Hand Blender Set - White

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Arnica Gh21561 Panna Hand Blender Set - White

Panna GH21561 Hand Blender Set - White
Panna Hand Blender Set White will be the best assistant in your kitchen with its ergonomic design and safe use. With its renewed powerful 1200 W performance, its stainless steel blades allow even the most difficult-to-see vegetables and fruits to be cut easily. Hand Blender Set White double-bladed chopper bowl and stainless steel whisk allow you to cook delicious meals in a short time. The hand blender set, which has a 1.3 liter capacity chopping chamber, stands out with its 600 ml measuring cup. The easy grip, the handle that provides safe use and the easy button system also provide a safe usage opportunity. Produced with a double-stage speed system, the blender offers a practical preparation process when the turbo function is activated.

The white hand blender set makes it very easy to use as it has an easy-to-turn accessory extraction system. In addition to being useful, the extra durable chopper bowl provides a long lifetime. There is no need to make a separate effort with the blender set, which has dishwasher-washable accessories.

Technicial Specifications
Turbo function
1.3 lt capacity chopping chamber
600 ml measuring cup
Ergonomic design
Easytouch key system
Handle providing easy grip, safe use
Easy-to-turn accessory removal system
Chopper bowl
Stainless steel whiskers
Dishwasher safe accessories
Extra durable chopper bowl
3 years warranty

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