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Arnica Ih36150 Diamond Kettle - Turquoise

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Arnica Ih36150 Diamond Kettle - Turquoise

Arnica IH36150 Diamond Kettle - Turquoise
Durable and stylish Arnica beverage preparation products make your life easier with different model options.

Practical-use beverage preparation products, specially designed for your tea, coffee and herbal tea enjoyment, perfectly fulfill the convenience you often need in the kitchen. Arnica Diamond Kettle Turkuaz instantly prepares the boiling water you need while preparing drinks and cooking.

With its turquoise color, Arnica Diamond has a hidden stainless steel heating system and a power of 1250-1500 W, so your water boils in a very short time. It helps healthy water consumption with its stainless steel filter and body. It provides ease of use with its automatic opening cover button, 360 degree rotating base and automatic closing feature. With its 1.7 liter capacity, the water boiled in one go can be used in any area needed.

Arnica's model, which gives a feeling of freshness, the Turquoise-colored Diamond Kettle is a product that you can never stop using with its dazzling color and design in every kitchen. Thanks to its durable structure, you can reduce your workload and spare more time for yourself with the kettle that you can use for a long time.

Technicial Specifications
1250-1500 W
Capacity: 1.7 liters
Inside stainless steel cover
Auto-open cover button
Hidden stainless steel heating system
360 ° rotatable base
Auto power off
Cord storage area
Stainless steel filter
Stainless steel body
Safety system that prevents working without water

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