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Mapilam 490D Laminating Machine

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Mapilam 490D Laminating Machine

Mapilam 490D Laminating Machine
Mapilam 490 D, Laminator for Professional Use

It can laminate all documents up to 490 mm wide. It enhances the appearance of documents and posters. The lamination process made with this lamination machine provides long life, durability and elasticity to your documents. LCD screen, high temperature (800 degrees) resistant rollers, special protection bar, working time control function, Patented Cooling System.

Technical specifications

Coating Width: 490 mm (A3)
Coating Speed: 1.150 mm / min
• Number of Rollers: 6
• Lamination Thickness: 350 mic
• Preheating Time: 5 min
• Heat Setting: Digital
• Resistance Type: Infrared Glass
Rewind: Yes
Auto power off: Automatically shuts down when timeout
• Weight: 22.0 kg
Size: 651x271x130 mm
Warranty: 2 years

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