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Oxyofficial Silk Velvet Oil Lamp Cream Prayer Rug

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  • $37.89

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Prayer mat: Thanks to its orthopedic structure and non-sweating texture, it provides the opportunity to prostrate comfortably for a long time.

Made of silk velvet fabric, it provides a stylish and comfortable environment in your home.

The 10mm thick prayer seat is designed for your comfort.

It is 5 layers.

1.Antibacterial velvet fabric

2. Lamination

3. Comfort sponge

4. Lamination

5. Special design, waterproof, cold-proof, non-slip sole.

Especially those who have knee and joint pain can worship easily with its soft structure.

The prayer rug is produced with a specially developed comfort sponge that provides more comfort for your knees and feet.

Your legs will not tingle when you sit on it for hours, read a book and pray.

With its easy and stylish design carrying bag, you can always carry your prayer rug with you at the picnic, on the beach, at the camp and in all your travel.

Body Size: 60x130

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