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Htm Violet X Counterfeit Cash Control Machine Money Detector Device

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Htm Violet X Counterfeit Cash Control Machine Money Detector Device

The model, which has the brightest ultraviolet (UV) light intensity ever developed, easily shows the hidden writings and veins on the coins easily even in daylight thanks to its strong light. The specially produced unique double row ultraviolet fluorescence has the highest quality used among money control devices.

In addition, thanks to the off-white (WM) light on the device, it can easily see hidden pictures in the money. In addition, the size of the money can be measured easily with the metric scale scaled ruler on the ground.

With the magnifying glass integrated to the machine, even the smallest details in the money or documents can be seen easily and the user can easily test the authenticity of the money / document.

HTM Violet X is the most intense ultraviolet coin checker ever developed. So much so that it can easily control the money even in daylight. Double-row and wide ultraviolet fluorescents have a long life and serve for many years without loss of performance.

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