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Mühlen Plato Iron Coin Counting Machine Machine

Product Code: 1355803
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Mühlen Plato Iron Coin Counting Machine Machine

Coin Counting Machine (Printer Connection)

Advanced Reporting Feature

Thanks to its double-row wide LCD screen system, it shows the total amount and the entire counting detail reports on the same screen. In addition to saving more time for the user, it has an easy-to-understand and simple display. Having a much more functional display system compared to its competitors, the MÜHLEN Plato model is extremely user-friendly.

High Speed ​​Coin Counting

Another feature of the MÜHLEN Plato model is that it counts coins twice as fast and silent compared to its competitors. MÜHLEN Plateau, which is the fastest model in its class with a counting speed of up to 600 pieces per minute, is designed with an extremely powerful engine and moving parts.

Coin Counting and Sorting

The MÜHLEN Plato model counts, separates, collects, bundles, and reports total and report results on a single screen by pressing a single button. The model, which can measure both the width and the height of the coins, scans the coins in 3 dimensions in this way.

MÜHLEN Plato coin counter can be connected to a printer with its priter output and has the ability to transfer the counting result details to paper. The model, which can work fully compatible with the thermal printer, the MÜHLEN Printer 2 model, which the customer will purchase externally, can print with the "PRINT" button when the money count is over.

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