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Wireless Presenter Mühlen R 400 Wireless Presenter

Product Code: 1355804
  • $32.20

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Wireless Presenter Mühlen R 400 Wireless Presenter


Presenter Red Laser

The R400 model, Mühlen Brand's best-selling presentation remote, allows for clear presentations from up to 15 meters away. Thanks to the battery status indicator, it shows you every status of your batteries, so your presentation is not interrupted.

Thanks to the red laser pointer, it can display the point without scattering the laser light even from a distance of 15 meters. At the same time, thanks to its soft textured special surface, it has a feature that is easy to grip and makes the user feel comfortable.

For easy installation and use, it will be enough to connect the receiver to the computer without any software installation. On the other hand, it is very easy to use thanks to the shortcut keys such as Right-Left scrolling, automatic play and showing the home screen on the remote.

Mühlen R400 Presentation Remote allows you to manage your presentation or your computer like a mouse, thanks to the main click button on it.

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