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Mühlen Gl083 - Red Foldable, Portable And Universal Phone / tablet Stand

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Mühlen Gl083 - Red Foldable, Portable And Universal Phone / tablet Stand

MÜHLEN GL083 - Red

Foldable, Portable and Universal Phone / Tablet Stand

Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction

MÜHLEN GL083 phone / tablet stand is designed with an aluminum alloy structure to maximize resistance to problems such as scratches and abrasions. This stand, which has proven itself in terms of durability, has a stylish design that can visually adapt to any environment.

Multiple Adjustable Angles

In this model, the aluminum stand has a support bar that can move the phone / tablet 360 degrees horizontally and 75 degrees up and down. This bar is designed to rise up to 11 cm so that you can find a comfortable viewing angle according to yourself and help you adjust your comfortable viewing angle.


MÜHLEN GL083 stand has been prepared with a stylish design that can be used in many places in order to facilitate your daily life. You can have a more comfortable experience while playing games, studying, watching movies, by placing it on the stand rather than being held in your hand constantly.


In the MÜHLEN GL083 model, the general frame is reinforced to hold your devices in place without falling. Rubber additions have been made to the surface and hooks to maximize protection. These rubbers are positioned to prevent scratching of the device when placed on the phone / tablet. At the same time, there are silicone additions at the bottom of the stand to prevent it from slipping on the table.

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