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Molped Pure & Soft (Bag Package) 30 Pieces

Product Code: 1356055
  • $3.84

Tags: Molped, Pure, &, Soft, (Bag, Package), 30, Pieces

Molped Pure & Soft (Bag Package) 30 Pieces

Molped Daily Pad Pure & Soft Pad is in single bag packages. -It is skin-friendly with its structure that does not contain paraben, dye, chlorine, and nylon. It is a daily pad specially produced for women who want natural cotton extract. Thanks to its air permeable surface technology, it breathes from all directions. -Türkiye when Ph is a single balanced pad. It has a skin-friendly structure. -Molped Pure & Soft Daily Pad Protection provides a feeling of clean underwear all day long with its natural cotton extract and breathable surface. Since they are all packaged, you can easily carry them in your bag. After detaching the pad from its wrapped packaging, attach its adhesive surface to your laundry. For your health and comfort, it is recommended to change the Molped Daily Pad every 3-4 hours at the latest.

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