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Molfix Pure & soft Size 4 Maxi Monthly Deal Package 112 Pieces + Evony Mask 10 Pieces Gift

Product Code: 1356068
  • $20.02

Tags: Molfix, Pure, &, soft, Size, 4, Maxi, Monthly, Deal, Package, 112, Pieces, +, Evony, Mask, 10, Pieces, Gift

Molfix Pure & soft Size 4 Maxi Monthly Deal Package 112 Pieces + Evony Mask 10 Pieces Gift

Molfix's new series, Pure & Soft, offers your baby the cotton-like softness it deserves. It makes your baby comfortable with its skin-friendly and wavy upper surface that touches the skin 40% less than the Molfix 3D series. We are inspired by you mothers to use it safely. We meticulously selected the finest materials we use in Molfix Pure & Soft, and we did not put anything that does not satisfy us. It contains 0% Perfume, 0% Chlorine, 0% Paraben, 0% Nonylphenol but 100% peace of mind! While absorbing the liquid, it does not harden like concrete and provides freedom of movement. However, it is recommended that our Molfix Pure & Soft products, which you can safely use up to 18 kg, be sold at the same price with standard cloth. It is approved by the German Dermatest Institute. Like other Molfix diapers, Pure & Soft products do not contain latex, paraben and BPA substances, which are proven to be harmful to human health. We have Halal certificate in our products. You can safely use our baby care cover and wet towel products to complete the care of your baby.


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