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Molped Intensive Protection Daily Pad 60 Pieces

Product Code: 1356070
  • $5.17

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Molped Intensive Protection Daily Pad 60 Pieces

Molped Daily Pad is Intensive Protection Pad. With its perforated upper surface consisting of thousands of microlifts, it has the ability to instantly pass the liquid to the lower layer. It is a daily pad specially produced for women who want hygiene and protection. -It provides a feeling of dryness and cleanliness by trapping the liquid with the absorbent particles in it. - Thanks to its air-permeable surface technology, it breathes from all directions. -Türkiye when Ph is a single balanced pad. It has a skin-friendly structure. The odor control system traps any odors that may occur. For your health and comfort, it is recommended to change the Molped Daily Pad every 3-4 hours at the latest.

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