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Molped Pure & soft Hygienic Pad Long Mega Deal 40 Pieces

Product Code: 1356077
  • $6.15

Tags: Molped, Pure, &, soft, Hygienic, Pad, Long, Mega, Deal, 40, Pieces

Molped Pure & Soft Long Sanitary Pad offers 100% softness with soft wings and air-woven upper surface. It helps you feel clean and fresh with its breathable upper and lower surface. You will love Molped Pure & Soft, which gives 100% confidence and softness. With 0% dye, paraben, chlorine and nylon content, there are no undesirable things in a sanitary pad. It has patterned single wraps made of cottony material. It is hypoallergenic and friendly to the skin. Dermatologically tested. Does not contain perfume. Molped Pure & Soft products are Vegan certified. All of Molped products are Halal certified.

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