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Cappdocia Dibek Coffee 1000 Grams

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Cappdocia Dibek 1000 Grams

Net Amount 1000 gr Contents
Arabica Coffee, Fine Coffee, Coffee Whitener, Cocoa, Cardamom Seeds, Ground Coffee, Medium Roasted Coffee Unlike other coffees, Dibek coffee is both ground and pounded and roasted with its own oil. Cappadocia Dibek coffee has a soft drink, you can increase the hardness level with as much Turkish coffee as you like for a harder Dibek experience. Benefits of Dibek Coffee Benefits for Cholesterol: When it is drunk regularly every day, it increases good cholesterol and helps to keep bad cholesterol in balance. Benefit to the stomach: It facilitates digestion by preventing discomfort of the stomach. It affects the faster functioning of the stomach and helps the digestion of food. Benefit to the Digestive System: When it is drunk regularly or consumed after heavy meals, it relaxes the stomach as well as provides rapid digestion and ends the problem of indigestion. Skin Benefit: Regular consumption and scrubbing of the face for a few seconds is sufficient for the beauty of the skin. With the oils and aroma it contains, it relaxes the skin and body, while at the same time contributing to your mood. Our coffee contains cardamom seeds, which are difficult to find and very expensive in the world. Benefits of the Cardamom Plant: It works the stomach and intestines. It prevents heart ailments. It is an antiseptic for the lungs. It is good for migraine. It removes bad breath. It has an appetizing feature. It acts as a detox in our body.

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