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Godox Tt685N Ttl Peak Flash (Nikon Compatible)

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Godox Tt685N Ttl Peak Flash (Nikon Compatible)

Godox TT685N TTL Peak Flash (Nikon Compatible)

GN 60 (m, ISO 100)
Powered by 4 x AA batteries
Supports HSS 1/8000
Flash Mode - ETTL / M / Multi
1 Curtain Sync / 2 Curtain Sync
Manual Flash - 1/128 to 1/1 output control (in 1/3 increments)
Flash Zoom 20 - 200mm

First of all, I have to say that the above differences are compatible with different brands. So if you have a Nikon camera, you should know that the model you should buy is the TT685N, if you have a Sony camera, you should know that the TT685S model. Otherwise, different compatibilities you will get will not be compatible with your machine and will not run the HSS and TTL features you want.

Every Photographer's Needs, LIGHT

The word photograph has a meaning that includes the word light. In other words, without light, neither colors nor photographs emerge. Therefore, it is necessary to find a light source. In order to catch the right light, we usually turn to light sources such as flash, LED light, continuous light, paraflash, etc., instead of nature light, since the concept of time and space is included. Head flash is one of them.

Head flash is both practical and easy to carry

The peak flashes are generally of a structure that works with 4 AA batteries and sometimes battery models are seen. You can find AA batteries from anywhere, even if they are not with us at any time. You don't need any plug or similar battery. You can use it on the hot shoe part of the camera or with a trigger from your camera.

Many accessories are waiting for you to use

All kinds of accessories that you can direct, soften and color with flashes are at hand. All kinds of accessories produced for flashes will assist you in managing the light. You can find related accessories in this article.

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