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Kodak (12X5) 60 Pieces Blistered Zinc-Carbon Slim Battery - Economic Package

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Tags: Kodak, (12X5), 60, Pieces, Blistered, Zinc-Carbon, Slim, Battery, -, Economic, Package

Kodak (12X5) 60 Pieces Blistered Zinc-Carbon Slim Battery - Economic Package

Ideal for use in low power requirements
- Hour
- Remote control
- Fire Alarms
- Flashlights
- Low Energy Toys
KODAK Super Heavy Duty Batteries combine high quality and advanced technology for optimized performance.
- It preserves its energy for 3 years
- Contains no mercury
- Cadmium free
Kodak Super Heavy Duty Zinc Carbon Pen Battery
Super Heavy Duty series Remote Control, Clock and so on. It constitutes our economical product range for your devices with low power consumption.
Chemical System - Zinc Carbon, Zn / MnO2
Marks - IEC R03, ANSI 24D
Nominal Voltage - 1.5
Nominal Capacity - 450 mAh at 75 Ohms to 0.8 Volts
Internal Impedance - 1.1 Ohm (typically)
Weight - 8.5g
Volume - 3.8 cm3
Normal Storage Temperature - +10 - +25 ° C
Normal Operating Temperature / 0 - +45 ° C
Reaction - 2MnO2 + Zn + H2O → 2MnOOH + ZnO

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