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Kodak C220 2.8

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Kodak C220 2.8



Intelligent Video Baby Monitor

2.8 "HD Screen and Mobile Application, Wireless High Definition Camera, WiFi, two-way audio, infrared night vision, remote zoom, long range, 2 Years Warranty

The KODAK CHERISH C220 Baby Monitor helps you stay connected to your baby while sleeping quietly. Rechargeable batteries provide smooth operation at home or on the road. Long range and WiFi connection works with KODAK Smart Home App, keep streaming HD video and crystal clear audio close to your smartphone. With a KODAK baby camera in your home, you can watch all the good moments of your baby's development without disturbing their sleep.

Instantly Increase Your Reach

Extended Range Wi-Fi Connection

The KODAK CHERISH C220 lets you keep an eye on your little one, whether you're in the living room or outside. The WiFi connected video baby monitor offers HD video and audio anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.

Your Connection Is Always Ready

Receive a smart broadcast to baby video monitor over WiFi and stay connected with your smartphone. It is designed to work in a home up to 372 Square Meters in size.

Portable Baby Monitor and Camera

Built-in rechargeable batteries in both the baby monitor and camera make the KODAK CHERISH C220 mobile. With its long battery life, you can easily monitor home or hotel activities and stay connected during a power outage.

Perfect Clarity
Crystal Clear HD Image

The large 2.8 inch wide screen provides a crystal clear HD stream from the video baby camera. Result; It is an HD quality image that allows you to watch your little one closely.

Smart Notifications

You always know how your little one is sleeping, with smart gesture and sound notifications instantly sent to the KODAK Smart Home App.

Recording to Cloud and SD Card

The KODAK Smart Home App and SD Card Recording lets you capture streaming video from your KODAK CHERISH C220 video baby monitor so you can replay special moments for years and share them with your family.

Smart and Easy Design
Two Way Talk

It offers crystal clear sound in both directions, so you can use your voice to soothe your little one.

Temperature Alert

Keep your baby's room at the perfect temperature with smart temperature notifications sent to your device.

Wall Mountable

Easily install on any wall and get the perfect look for your sleeping baby.

Watch Your Little One Quietly
Infrared Video

Enjoy a clear HD Video experience even with the lights out at night.

Turn Screen On / Off with One Touch

See motion or sounds with just one touch. For Longer Charge Life You can turn off the screen with one touch. The device continues to run in the background

Illuminated Keypad

The soft glowing keypad of your monitor allows operation even after dark.

Low Sound Lullabies

Built-in Lullaby Function relaxes your little one as they fall asleep.

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