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Fx Food Dried Apple 20 Gr

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Fx Food Dried Apple 20 Gr

Fx Food Dried Apple 20 Gr

Perfect for detox water and tea.

Dried Apple, which is in the favorite snack group of dieters and children, is produced with the purest form of Apple that does not contain additives, colorants and preservatives.

Low calorie, natural additive-free, functional, healthy snack with calorie and fiber calculation. Natural snack for kids, Whether they eat it or mix it in yogurt.

Tea, coffee companion for adults, perfect snacks for dieters. We recommend that you store it in a cold environment and away from sunlight. You can use it as a tea by adding 2 slices to 1 cup of hot water.

Nutritional Values ​​1 Package (20 Gr)

* Energy | 56 Kcal

* Total Fat | 0.58g

* Carbohydrate | 12.00g

* Dietary Fiber | 1.81g

* Protein | 0.35g

* Potassium | 141mg

It does not contain gluten. It does not contain added sugar. It was dried in a closed drying system.

Features :

* Without additives
* Without preservative
* Does not contain colorants
* 5 mm thin slice
* Certificate of analysis
* Richly flavored

Preserved Flavors Traditional Production Reliable Food Market

We send our products to all over Turkey with Yurtiçi Kargo, without breaking the cold chain.

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