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Organic Baby Booties Organic Bonny Baby Handmade Blue Sandals

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Designed for toddlers, our booties are suitable for newborns and babies aged 1 year. They are comfortable, flexible and produced without using any inner material that will not hinder the development of babies' feet. Since it is GOTS certified organic cotton thread, it does not contain azo dyes and dyes. When babies reach the walking age, choosing products that support their foot development is important for healthy foot development in the coming years. For this reason, the baby booties chosen for the 1 to 3 years old baby booties, who have come to walk with newborn baby booties, should be soft, flexible, light, without soles and should not be supported with internal material that will prevent the bone structure development of the foot. Booties models in this age range should be used to keep the baby's feet warm and protect them. While doing this, it should not prevent the development of the foot. Organic Bonny Baby produces organic clothes and toys for healthy generations, with the idea of ​​leaving a healthier and livable world to the next generations. It aims to protect all the children of the world by taking place in many sales points abroad and in the country. The preference of natural and organic products contributes to our children to lead a healthier life and to be happy individuals in the future. Organic Bonny Baby products are produced by our women with great care and care, without the use of machinery. Basic Features and Certificates of Our Products: The yarns used in our products are GOTS certified, which we have produced specially for our company, and there is no chemical dye, processing raw material, etc. They are definitely not organic cotton threads. You can find and review our certificate in the product images. Even Organic Bonny Baby Boxes are produced from certified and chemical-free healthy materials used in food packaging. Our Product Categories and Designs: We have productions in Booties, Hats, Clothes, Toys, Accessories and Health-Bathroom Categories. We work with 3 colors in our products. Cream (Ecru), Pink and Blue. You can combine each product with our other products. You can choose it as a gift for your baby or with the gift package option. Our vests are suitable for newborns and 0-6 months babies. It can be dressed very easily thanks to the wooden buttons opened from the front. Washing Suggestion: It can be hand washed in warm water.

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