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Fatih 12 Color Gouache Paint

Product Code: 1359913
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Fatih 12 Color Gouache Paint

It is a product that will enrich your dyeing thanks to its 12 vibrant and bright color options and the opportunity to mix with each other and expand the color scale. It is a product with a wide area of use, thanks to its application in various fields. It is recommended to keep the lids closed to prevent drying out. It has a long service life as it can be softened with water in case of drying. It is a product that children can easily use and support their creativity thanks to its non-toxic substance.
Product features:
12 bright and vibrant colors available and can be mixed with each other
Suitable for use on paper, cardboard and ceramic surfaces
Used to increase children's creative intelligence
If it gets dry, it can be softened by adding water.
Covers should be kept closed after use.
Toxic free

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