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Piev Cream Color Tea Coffee Press 660 Cc

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Piev Cream Color Tea Coffee Press 660 Cc


Perfect for special flavored, medium-thick ground coffees and herbal teas.

The coffees you will prepare for the French Press should be coarser than the regular filtered coffees.

How to Use for Coffee:

Put the ground coffee in this way into the glass bowl.
Add hot water that has been boiled elsewhere and cooled for 30 seconds.
Stir a little, preferably with a wooden or plastic spoon.
A metal spoon is not preferred because it can scratch the glass bowl.
Insert the French Press filter, but do not press it yet.
Let it brew for 4-5 minutes.
After the brewing process is finished, slowly lower the filter down.
Your coffee is ready to be served.

You can use your French Press not only for coffee but also to prepare various herbal teas.

Usage for Tea:

Fill the glass chamber with the herbal teas you want.
Add the hot water that has been boiled and kept for 30 seconds.
Leave the filter on it and wait for the brewing period.
Then gently push the filter down.
Thus, you will be able to prepare delicious and healthy teas without mixing your herbal tea with water.

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