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Zojirushi Sl-Jaf14-Sa Vacuum Food Thermos Container 1.43L Silver

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Zojirushi SL-JAF14-SA Vacuum Food Thermos Container 1.43L Silver Zojirushi is a world leader spreading from Japan with vacuum insulation technology. The Vacuum Food Thermos Container has four inner bowls that can be used in the microwave. The outer container features durable stainless steel construction and vacuum insulation with excellent heat retention. - Durable stainless steel structure with excellent heat retention characteristics - 4 microwaveable inner bowls (excluding the lid) - Washable non-stick coated outer cover - Includes chopsticks and a handy easy-to-carry bag A Enjoyable Lunch Out At the office or on the go, you can have a healthier, tastier, more enjoyable lunch with Zojirushi's Mr Bento Vacuum Insulated Food Thermos. One of the most versatile lunch boxes you will come across, the Mr Bento Food Thermos comes with four different containers that allow you to easily and safely pack a versatile lunch of both hot and cold items. The jar itself is made of stainless steel, is vacuum sealed and houses four plastic containers with lids. The valved soup bowl comes with a gasket-tight lid to prevent leaks and is specially insulated to keep the soup warm. All parts should be hand washed with non-abrasive cleaning cloths. Inner bowls are microwave compatible. Mr Bento JAF14 Features Vacuum insulation keeps food hot or cold for hours Durable stainless steel construction with excellent heat retention 4 microwaveable inner bowls Washable non-stick coated outer bowl Great for Hot or Cold Foods Large Main Bowl Main bowl is designed to hold a non-watery main dish . The vacuum insulation of the outer container and the insulated lid of the main container help keep food hot or cold for hours without reheating or cooling. Soup bowl The soup bowl has a unique lid that minimizes leaks and is ideal for holding soups, dips or fruit cocktails. It sits at the bottom of the outer container, where vacuum insulation keeps food hot or cold for hours. How does Vacuum Insulation keep food hot or cold? With Zojirushi's famous vacuum insulation technology, the air between the two thin layers of stainless steel in the outer container is removed and a vacuum is created. Because there is no air, the outside temperature is not transferred to the container; keeping food hot or cold for hours. Side Bowls The JAF14 comes with two large bowls that fit inside the lid. Ideal for foods that need to be kept at room temperature, such as fruit or snacks. The side bowls are not insulated. Model SL-JAF14-h Capacity 0.45L / 0.3L + 0.2L / 0.28L Dimensions 15.0cm x 13.5cm x 22.0cm Weight 1.1 kg Heat Preservation* 69°C @ 6hrs * The largest container is for dry food. * Measurements were made at a room temperature of 20°C and an initial temperature of 95°C.

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