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Aquaforza Booster 4.3 Liter/min 35Psi 12Volt

Product Code: 1359857
  • $29.73

Tags: Aquaforza, Booster, 4.3, Liter/min, 35Psi, 12Volt

* Capacity : 4.3 Liters / minute * Pressure : 35 Psi * Operating voltage : 12 Volt DC * Output hose size: 10mm When the tap is opened in boats or caravans, the pressure drops at the pump outlet, and when it is closed, the pressure increases. According to this increase and decrease, the pressure switch in the pump opens or closes the booster. Pressure irregularities occur on the installation due to the degree of opening of the faucet, the length-shortness of the installation, and the use of a pressure booster with an excessively large capacity. These irregularities lead the pressure switch to constantly turn the booster off and on. These continuous opening and closing also cause switch failure in the booster. AquaForza boosters; They are equipped with an American type pressure switch and are designed to minimize such failures.

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