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Aimoosi A5 Permanent Makeup Device Needle Module Cartridge Needle ( 1R ) 5 pcs

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AIMOOSI®️ has developed and patented the integrated needle system that will guarantee the highest hygiene standards.

Patented needle technology, accurate efficacy of precision needles, eliminates the risk of complications.


Our module needles are the original AIMOOSI®️ brand. During the application, pigment into the dermograph, lymph fluid in the application areas, etc. does not attract. This is a very important detail in terms of hygiene and health. In independent studies, air turbulence with other brands may pose a potential risk of infection.

Many permanent make-up devices do not have color recoil protection. The back of our AIMOOSI® module needles is covered with a membrane that protects the device from contamination, contaminated liquids and air circulation safely. The inner membrane keeps the needle sterile and clean. Therefore, effects such as infection that can be transmitted from customer to customer are absent in this patented product.

➡️HYGIENE AND STERILIZATION: Our needles produced in accordance with the Hygiene Rules; It is gamma-ray sterilized and does not cause infection or allergy. It is integrated as a disposable module. It is offered for your use in sterile vacuumed bags.

A new module needle can be used for each customer, or even for each color. It is taken out of the package just before the application and integrated into the microblading pen.

➡️SAFE NEEDLE SYSTEM THAT DOESN'T EXPLODE DURING APPLICATION: It is extremely safe with Titanium Needle System and Optimum Security Hygiene Module that does not fly out during application.

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