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Dior Hypnotic Poison Edp 100 Ml Women's Perfume

Product Code: 1360264
  • $178.46

Tags: Dior, Hypnotic, Poison, Edp, 100, Ml, Women's, Perfume

The animalistic magic of Jasmine Lily Extract is mixed with the hearty Orange Blossom Extract to envelop the pleasant and evocative Tobacco Tongue. The seductive licorice root of Hypnotin Poison is expressed in an even more daring way. With the instantly striking vanilla note. It all comes out with a sense of complete indulgence… The quality of the raw materials chosen for its outstanding aromas gives this Eau de Parfum a subtle precision, richness and sensuality. All notes instantly catch the eye, enticing the senses and expressing themselves in harmony. A versatile perfume that reveals itself with clear seduction as a self-confident manifesto of sensuality.

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